Gallimaufry Of Life

As anxious as she could be , after hearing the news that some student from the other class got a full score on his Maths paper, she stepped down the stairs thinking about the same. ” I’m jaded under peer pressure”, she murmured to herself taking a deep breath.”Uniform checking , guys “, the ‘ so called ‘ ‘humble’ monitor announced. But she didn’t sweat and also a there was no adrenaline rush in her statuesque body .They had no such defined rules specially for girls and their stage act of being displinarian was a fallacy. ” What if I get red mark on my test paper, no” , a disturbing thought stepped on the door of her mind and her mental peace was forced to scaffold.

After the checking was done she increased her pace to take the rachet for badminton. Finally she had snatched one . Having a gander around for a parter , she sat on the steps being a spectator for the game infront.She overthought and that’s where her immature happiness vanished. She was agathakakological, no doubt but never did a serious capricious deed to anyone there. Why everyone abhored her was indecipherable to that girl.She was still a kid at heart and blabbered everything she had in her brain and other reason could ber her weirdness.It was absurd and allicholic at the same time that what she thought to be a fairyland , her new school, was a dungeon, inferno now.The period got over and she recovered from her thoughts.She had the rachet and the shuttle cock but huh, no partner.

The very next day the results were announced her legs were shaking but a feeling of euphoria entered her as she saw full marks on her answer script. “Oh, my happiness knows no bounds today and today I am the most joyous girl on this planet”. But she calmed herself and serenity entered her after she remembered it was a classroom. “Oh I am being tormented, God”.But wait ! That boy , he also scored the same and the paper was easy not an abtruse one. “Leave it”, she muttered to herself and her happiness vanished.

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