Literacy Rate In India

It is plausible that you have heard a snollygoster claiming before the elections that he’ll surely take the initiative to increase the literacy rate in his areas but that turns out to be a fallacy. India’s literacy rate is approximately 74.4% is less than the average world literacy rate of about 86% which has an of underdeveloped nations of Africa and Asia. A person who has attained the age of seven and is able to read and write is considered a literate.

Such a big shame that still 25.6% of the population is illiterate. India consists of a large population of destitute masses and pauper and they don’t even get a single square meal a day, so one cannot expect them to be literate.

Taking the example of European nations like Norway, Indian government should take necessary steps like establishing institutions in remote areas and changing the age in the Education Act which will have to be 4 to 17 now. It will undoubtedly upsurge the literacy rate in India which is indispensable to the progress in the country.

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