Unimagined love

It was a cold winter day and the water droplets from the grey clouds in the loury sky were creating a noise which I ignored. No sooner had the gong bell heard than the children rushed out of their classrooms , which were no less than a sepulchre . I was heading to my home when he bumped into me , “Oh ! please pardon me”, I said in a dull tone. “Pardon and you, huh, it is unimaginable”, said that nefarious creature. “I hate you to the moon and back”, I shouted. I left that dimwitted tosser there and carried myself to my abode as rapid as I could.

The next day , the apricity made me blissful and it was as if the sun was kissing my pallid cheek. The hour hand and the minute hand agreed at 12 and the feeling of euphoria entered and my meraki became escastic as it was lunch time and at last I could be away from everyone , in solitary peace. I was the last to leave but before that I felt a brobdingnagian hand on my shoulder and my hater boy uttered in an unexplained tender tone, “Sorry, I was apoplectic yesterday but “… he stopped.”But what?”, my wrath had reached zenith. ” I, I …., I’ll confess it later”. “Absurd”, I thought.

The air was redolent of petrichor smell but I was jaded after a long journey so I went to slumber . It was the first day of my college,”You “, I was gobsmacked when I saw him. ” I made till here for you , please meet me near Daffodil restaurant at 5:00 pm sharp”. ” But ….”, he had left. Curiosity killed the cat , I was so disquisitive that I was there at 5 . He came with a diamond ring to propose me and a bouquet of fragrant , ethereal flora in his arms.”I was dazzled by you, my raveshing lady when I first saw you. I was in a state of limerence , forelsket is the word when we were in the same classroom. This moron loves you and wants your answer”.”I love you out of no reason “, I replied and fell into his arms to be united with him.

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