Unimagined love

It was a cold winter day and the water droplets from the grey clouds in the loury sky were creating a noise which I ignored. No sooner had the gong bell heard than the children rushed out of their classrooms , which were no less than a sepulchre . I was heading to my home when he bumped into me , “Oh ! please pardon me”, I said in a dull tone. “Pardon and you, huh, it is unimaginable”, said that nefarious creature. “I hate you to the moon and back”, I shouted. I left that dimwitted tosser there and carried myself to my abode as rapid as I could.

The next day , the apricity made me blissful and it was as if the sun was kissing my pallid cheek. The hour hand and the minute hand agreed at 12 and the feeling of euphoria entered and my meraki became escastic as it was lunch time and at last I could be away from everyone , in solitary peace. I was the last to leave but before that I felt a brobdingnagian hand on my shoulder and my hater boy uttered in an unexplained tender tone, “Sorry, I was apoplectic yesterday but “… he stopped.”But what?”, my wrath had reached zenith. ” I, I …., I’ll confess it later”. “Absurd”, I thought.

The air was redolent of petrichor smell but I was jaded after a long journey so I went to slumber . It was the first day of my college,”You “, I was gobsmacked when I saw him. ” I made till here for you , please meet me near Daffodil restaurant at 5:00 pm sharp”. ” But ….”, he had left. Curiosity killed the cat , I was so disquisitive that I was there at 5 . He came with a diamond ring to propose me and a bouquet of fragrant , ethereal flora in his arms.”I was dazzled by you, my raveshing lady when I first saw you. I was in a state of limerence , forelsket is the word when we were in the same classroom. This moron loves you and wants your answer”.”I love you out of no reason “, I replied and fell into his arms to be united with him.


When I had curved my lips , I was commented positively for my heart winning smile,

You shattered my heart and turned me heartless.

I have an eccentric personality and I am agathakakological,

But atleast I am not vulpine.

I was anxious , you upsurged my chaigrn,

I feel like leaving an expression of my hand for your abhorrent deeds on your countenance, but which one?

Parlous to my meraki was my loneliness previously,

This sylph was in allicholy then but now in solitary bliss.

By Snehal

Literacy Rate In India

It is plausible that you have heard a snollygoster claiming before the elections that he’ll surely take the initiative to increase the literacy rate in his areas but that turns out to be a fallacy. India’s literacy rate is approximately 74.4% is less than the average world literacy rate of about 86% which has an of underdeveloped nations of Africa and Asia. A person who has attained the age of seven and is able to read and write is considered a literate.

Such a big shame that still 25.6% of the population is illiterate. India consists of a large population of destitute masses and pauper and they don’t even get a single square meal a day, so one cannot expect them to be literate.

Taking the example of European nations like Norway, Indian government should take necessary steps like establishing institutions in remote areas and changing the age in the Education Act which will have to be 4 to 17 now. It will undoubtedly upsurge the literacy rate in India which is indispensable to the progress in the country.

Gallimaufry Of Life

As anxious as she could be , after hearing the news that some student from the other class got a full score on his Maths paper, she stepped down the stairs thinking about the same. ” I’m jaded under peer pressure”, she murmured to herself taking a deep breath.”Uniform checking , guys “, the ‘ so called ‘ ‘humble’ monitor announced. But she didn’t sweat and also a there was no adrenaline rush in her statuesque body .They had no such defined rules specially for girls and their stage act of being displinarian was a fallacy. ” What if I get red mark on my test paper, no” , a disturbing thought stepped on the door of her mind and her mental peace was forced to scaffold.

After the checking was done she increased her pace to take the rachet for badminton. Finally she had snatched one . Having a gander around for a parter , she sat on the steps being a spectator for the game infront.She overthought and that’s where her immature happiness vanished. She was agathakakological, no doubt but never did a serious capricious deed to anyone there. Why everyone abhored her was indecipherable to that girl.She was still a kid at heart and blabbered everything she had in her brain and other reason could ber her weirdness.It was absurd and allicholic at the same time that what she thought to be a fairyland , her new school, was a dungeon, inferno now.The period got over and she recovered from her thoughts.She had the rachet and the shuttle cock but huh, no partner.

The very next day the results were announced her legs were shaking but a feeling of euphoria entered her as she saw full marks on her answer script. “Oh, my happiness knows no bounds today and today I am the most joyous girl on this planet”. But she calmed herself and serenity entered her after she remembered it was a classroom. “Oh I am being tormented, God”.But wait ! That boy , he also scored the same and the paper was easy not an abtruse one. “Leave it”, she muttered to herself and her happiness vanished.